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  Article updated: November 10, 2021

Differences between Inbox and Assignments

You can use both Inbox and Assignments to manage and assign social messages and posts to teams or individuals in your organization. Some organizations use one or the other, and many use both.

Plans: Team, Business, Enterprise

You can access both Inbox and Assignments from Hootsuite.

The Assignments and Inbox icons shown in Hootsuite

When you’re working with Inbox, your engagement is monitored entirely within Inbox. Supported message types are delivered to Inbox automatically, where you can assign them to team members. See Overview of Hootsuite Inbox.

In contrast, Assignments works in conjunction with Streams. In this workflow, you identify social content in Streams and manually assign it to team members. Then it appears in Assignments. See Manage tasks in Assignments.

Important: Content and assignments in Inbox and Assignments are monitored and managed independently from one another. These tools are not synchronized and do not share information.

Compare Inbox and Assignments

Use the following table to help you better understand these tools.

Differences between Inbox and Assignments

How tool is populated

Inbox automatically populates with conversations.

Assignments populate whenever a social post is assigned to a user from Streams. Enterprise members can assign posts automatically (see Automate assignments and tags).

Supported message types

Facebook Pages: Private messages, comments and replies on public posts, visitor posts, comments, and replies.

Instagram: Direct messages and story mentions

Twitter: Direct messages, mentions, and replies.

LinkedIn: Comments and replies on LinkedIn Page and Showcase Page posts.

Facebook Pages: Page posts, comments, replies, and private messages.

Twitter: Tweets and public mentions.

Social network app assignments (where supported). Learn more.

How social content is assigned

Users can manually monitor Inbox unassigned content and assign posts and messages to themselves, teams, or team members.

Enterprise members can set up keyword-based rules for automatic assignments.

Users can manually monitor streams and assign posts and messages to themselves, teams, or team members (learn more).

Enterprise users can set up keyword-based rules for automatic assignments (learn more).

Tip: If you receive high volumes of Facebook private messages and Twitter direct messages, you may want to consider having one or more team members monitoring Inbox, and one or more team members monitoring Assignments.