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  Article updated: September 15, 2022

Assign posts or comments from Streams

Important: In December 2022, we’ll be removing Assignments from all Hootsuite accounts. Read about this change. Assignments is not available for Hootsuite accounts created after July 7, 2022.

Assigning posts helps you and your team handle social network interactions quickly and comprehensively. You can assign posts or comments that appear in Streams to yourself or to teams or team members.

You manage assignments from Assignments (see Manage tasks in Assignments).

Plans: Team, Business, Enterprise.
Enterprise users can use Hootsuite’s automation tool to automatically assign posts using keyword-based rules (see Automate assignments and tags).

Who can send an assignment to a team?

Any member of a team can send an assignment to their team or individual teammates. Assigning to a team assigns the message to every member of the team. If the organization is enabled as a Social Organization Team, members can also assign to another team in their organization. See Enable or disable the social organization setting.

Note: Deleting a team deletes all associated assignments and in-stream assignment banners. See Create or delete a team. Individual assignments cannot be deleted.

The steps in this article apply to the following:

  • Tweets
  • Facebook posts, comments, and private messages
  • App assignments

If you’re not sure whether to use Inbox or Assignments, see Differences between Inbox and Assignments.

Important: Before a message can be assigned to a team, you and the social network must be added to that team. This workflow differs if you are part of a social organization (Enterprise). To learn more, see Manage visibility of organization members.

Introduction to assigning messages with Hootsuite video.

Assign a message

You can assign a message to a team, a team member, or yourself.

  1. Go to Streams and select the tab hosting the stream.
  2. Select Assign To .
  3. Enter the name of the team or individual assignee. (Type your name to assign to yourself.) Suggestions appear based on the first letter of the first or last name.
    Note: Assignees will populate more than once if they belong to more than one team.
  4. Optional: Enter a note to the assignee. Notes can be seen by all team members.
  5. Select Assign.

Tip: In the Search field, use your keyboard's up and down arrows to search through the available teams.

When a post or comment is assigned, the assignee receives an email notification, and a banner displays the name of the assignee and assigner at the top of the post or comment in Assignments.

Set yourself as the default for the Assign To Me option

You can specify yourself as the default assignee when selecting Assign To Me in the Assign To list.

  1. Go to Streams and select the tab hosting the stream.
  2. Select Assign To below a message you want to assign to yourself.
    Stream with assign to option selected showing options for assign to and assign to me.
  3. Enter your name in the search field, and select yourself in the team you want to set as default for self-assignments.
  4. Select the Set as default 'Assign To Self' box.
  5. Select Assign.

Note: To add notes to self-assignments, select yourself using Assign To instead of Assign To Me.


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