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  Article updated: September 16, 2021

Set app preferences - iOS

You can select a different organization in the Hootsuite mobile app if you belong to more than one. You can also manage Hootsuite’s dark mode settings.

In Hootsuite for iOS, you can also modify the following preferences:

  • Timestamp – Displays either the absolute date and time of each post, or relative time (for example, 2 hours ago) in streams.

    Note: The Hootsuite app uses the time zone set on your device, and post timestamps depend on the time and date settings of your device.

  • Auto Enable Geotag – Automatically appends your current location to Twitter posts, when location access is enabled for the Hootsuite app in your device settings.
  • Upload Quality – Select Low, Medium, or High upload quality for the photos you share. Select Low if you’re having trouble uploading an image, say because of a low-bandwidth data connection.

Modify your app preferences

  1. Select your account profile picture .
  2. Select the Settings tab, select Preferences, and modify preferences as you like.
  3. Select Back in the top left to save your preferences and close.

Select an organization

The organization selected in your app settings affects which social accounts you have access to while composing posts and while viewing your scheduled posts in the Publisher.

  1. Select your account profile picture , and then select the Account tab.
  2. Select Organizations, and then choose from the list of available organizations.

Note: Inbox has its own organization setting. See Engage in conversations using Inbox - iOS

Modify your dark mode settings

Dark mode reduces strain on the eyes in low-light environments and also improves the battery life of your device. The Hootsuite app uses the same mode as your device by default, but you can modify your Hootsuite settings if you want to always use light or dark mode.

Tip: Look for dark mode in your device’s display and brightness settings.

Dark mode is available in Hootsuite version 7.0 and later, and the minimum OS required is iOS 12.

  1. Select your account profile picture , and then select the Settings tab.
  2. Select Dark mode.
  3. Choose your preferred dark mode setting.