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  Article updated: September 16, 2021

Engage in conversations using Inbox - Android

Monitor your Facebook Page private messages, Twitter direct messages, mentions, and replies, and LinkedIn Page comments and Showcase Page comments in one place: Inbox . Inbox gives you the full context of your messages in threaded conversations, so you can reply to customers efficiently. Inbox activity on mobile and the web dashboard will sync with each other.

Inbox is available to Professional, Team, Business, and Enterprise plans. Team, Business, and Enterprise plans can also use Inbox assignments to triage message replies. Users with the social network permissions to reply to your social networks can reply to messages in Inbox.

If your Facebook Page or LinkedIn Page messages are not appearing in Inbox, have a Page admin reconnect the Page in Hootsuite on the web (see Reconnect a social account).

Work in Inbox

If you belong to more than one organization, select the icon in the top left to select one, to ensure you're seeing the right social accounts.

To view messages for one or more specific profiles, select Filter in the top right to select the social account(s), or to filter by public or private message types, and then select Done.

The Unassigned queue (or Incoming for Professional plans) is the default view. All new messages will appear here in chronological order with the newest at the top. Select the arrow at the top of the queue to reverse the sort order. Each message displays the social profile that received it, as well as the time it was received.
Image highlighting Inbox arrow that reverses sort options

Swipe right on a message to dismiss it, or tap to open and take action on it.
Image disaplying check mark to dismiss Inbox message

  • Select the Replying as field at the bottom of the thread to enter a reply and then select Send.
  • When a message has been replied to or doesn’t need to be actioned, select Dismiss in the top-right corner of the thread. This moves the thread into the Done queue, reducing clutter so you can focus on the next message in the queue.
  • You can also select more in the top-right corner of a thread to Assign to yourself, a team, or another team member (Team, Business, and Enterprise plans).
    more selection options showing assign, share, and share via other apps

Select Unassigned to switch to another queue.
Image showing the Inbox assignment options

Assigned messages move from Unassigned into either the Assigned (assigned to any teams you are a member of) or Assigned to Me (assigned specifically to you) queues. Swipe right on an assigned message in the list to resolve it right away, or select it to open it and respond. Then select Resolveon an assigned thread to move it out of Assigned and into Done.

In the Done queue, select on the thread and then Reopen to return it to Unassigned/Incoming. If a customer replies to a dismissed conversation, that thread will re-open and move from Done back into Unassigned/Incoming.
Image highlighting the reopen icon