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  Article updated: September 13, 2021

Create email alerts for your saved searches

You can create alerts for your saved searches in Insights and receive emails when:

  • There is an increase in the number of mentions for your search term.
  • New mentions are found.

For example, you can create an alert to get notified when there’s an increase in negative sentiment for one of your products or campaign hashtags. Apply a filter for negative sentiment to your saved search, and then create your alert. For information, see Filter and analyze your search results.

Create an email alert

  1. Go to Insights, and then select Saved Searches to view the list of searches saved by your organization.
  2. Select a saved search.
  3. Select Create Alert.
  4. Enter an alert name. This name is displayed in the subject line of the email alert.
  5. Select one or both alert types to be included in the emails. Select the volume increase percentage to trigger an alert, and select how frequently you want to be alerted to new mentions in the search.
  6. Add the email addresses of the members who should receive the alerts.
  7. Select Save.