Closed beta - Instagram direct messages and mentions in Inbox

This feature is currently in closed beta for a pre-selected group of customers. Watch for a full public release in the next few months.

For customers enrolled in the closed beta program, Hootsuite Inbox now supports Instagram direct messages and story mentions. This means that, in addition to other message sources, Inbox users can now view and engage with direct messages sent from Instagram, as well as mentions of your brand in users' stories and user reactions and replies to your stories.

To start seeing Instagram direct messages and story mentions in Inbox, you’ll need to do two things:

1. Reconnect your Instagram accounts in Hootsuite

  1. Go to My profile, and then select Social networks and teams.
  2. Select Social Networks.
  3. Select your Instagram account, select the Profile Settings tab, and then select Connect with Instagram.
  4. Enter your social account credentials, and sign in.
  5. Approve the request to complete the reconnection.
  6. Select Sign in to Facebook and authorize the associated Facebook Page so that full functionality remains enabled for your business profile.

2. Make sure message access is turned on in Instagram

  1. In your Instagram mobile app, open Settings.
  2. Select Privacy, and then select Messages.
  3. Under Connected Tools, make sure Allow Access to Messages is toggled on.

Instagram messages and mentions work the same way as other posts and messages in Inbox; for details, see Engage with and assign conversations in Inbox.

You can apply filters by social network, message type, and assignment status to manage incoming messages in Inbox. Learn how.

Note: Instagram direct messages and story mentions in the mobile version of Inbox is still not yet available during the closed beta timeframe.


The following capabilities are not available with Instagram direct messages and story mentions in Inbox:

  • Automated assignments and automated tags
  • Reply approvals
  • Reacting to stories that mention your brand
  • Sharing public Instagram posts attached to Instagram direct messages
  • Adding story mentions to your own story (adding to your story)
  • Display of disappearing (single-view) attachments (audio, video, or photos) sent by users
  • Quoting replies (or displaying quoted replies) when responding to messages
  • Unsending messages