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  Article updated: May 09, 2022

Work with images

You can edit the images in your posts using Composer's built-in photo editor in the web version of Hootsuite. Make images your own by adding effects or crop them to fit a specific social network. The Composer preview shows your updated images. For Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, you can also add alternative (alt) text to make your images accessible.

Video: How to use the Hootsuite photo editor

Edit your image

When composing a new post or editing scheduled or draft content, select Edit image to open the image in the photo editor.

post composer with edit image option highlighted

For ideas on creating engaging social media content, check out 30 Social Media Content Ideas and Examples for Brands.

Transform - Use Transform to scale, crop, rotate, or skew your image.

  • Scroll through your options and select an aspect ratio made to fit a specific social network, a Common Aspect Ratio, or set your own custom width and height.
    transform options with custom resolution area highlighted
  • Move the guides on the image to select the portion of the image that you want to keep.
    a sample image with crop guides
  • Use the flip and rotate options to further modify your image.

Filters - Select a filter of your choice and then adjust intensity using the slider.

slider to adjust image filter intensity

Adjust - Adjust Basics settings of brightness, saturation, contrast, or gamma and use the Refinements options to further modify your image.

Focus - Select your focus style and then adjust the intensity using the slider. Move the guides on the image to adjust size, direction, and radius.

Guides being used to focus a sample image

Text - Add text and then use the formatting options to adjust font, orientation, and color.

Because of each social network's automatic image optimization, we recommend keeping any overlaid text away from the edges of your images.
  • Move the guides on the text box to adjust the orientation (rotate the text).
    image with text box
  • Duplicate or delete a text box at any time.

Select Reset Default or use Undo to erase any of your changes. When you are happy with your photo, you can save to exit the photo editor.

Add alt text to images

Include alt text with images published to Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Alt text describes an image to make it more accessible. Alt text doesn’t appear anywhere on your posts. It’s detected by screen readers and displays in browsers when images are turned off. Alt text is not supported with animated GIFs or videos.

Looking for more information on accessibility and alt text? Check out Inclusive Design for Social Media: Tips for Creating Accessible Channels. Visit the Hootsuite Blog for news, tips, tools, and tactics to help you succeed on social media.

  1. In Composer , choose an image to add from your own computer or from the media library.
  2. Below the image, select Create alt text.
    The Create alt text option highlighted under an attached image in Composer
  3. Enter an alt text description of the image, and then select Apply.

Character limits for alt text are 500 on Facebook, 420 on Twitter, and 120 on LinkedIn.

About image rotation

An image uploaded to Hootsuite may appear rotated due to orientation tags embedded in that image. Orientation tags are commonly assigned when taking pictures on mobile devices. These pictures can appear correct when viewed on your computer or mobile device, but appear rotated when uploaded to Hootsuite.

To change the rotation of a photo, open and rotate the image in your default image editing application, such as Preview (iOS) or Windows Photo Viewer. Then save the image as a new file and upload it to Hootsuite.


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