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  Article updated: October 21, 2021

Export your scheduled posts

You can export scheduled or past scheduled posts to one of four comma-separated values (CSV) formats. Exporting past scheduled posts exports the last three months of activity. You can import Google CSV files into a Google calendar.

Exporting posts does not affect (it does not edit or delete) scheduled content.

Note: Free plan members can only export scheduled (not past scheduled) posts.

Export scheduled or past scheduled posts

  1. Go to Publisher , and then select the Content tab.
  2. Select Scheduled or Past Scheduled.
    Scheduled option selected in the Content navigation menu
  3. Optionally, filter by social account.
  4. Select List, and then point to a post and select the check box, or select all using the check box at the top of the list.
    List selected in the Content area and the check box selected above the scheduled posts
  5. Select Export to, and then select a CSV file and date format.


  • Export files do not contain images.
  • When importing CSV files to a Google Calendar, each CSV file must have a unique file name and duplicate rows of data won't import.