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  Article updated: May 09, 2022

Work with Amplify draft and scheduled content

If you want to edit draft or scheduled content, you can find it in your Amplify stream . If you need to save a draft or create content that you want to be available for advocates to share at a later time, see Create Amplify content.

Audience: Amplify admins

Go to your Amplify stream and select either Scheduled or Drafts. Use the filter at the top to show posts by topic.

Example Amplify stream with drafts, scheduled, and posted tabs highlighted.

Manage drafts

Go to your Amplify stream and select Drafts to work on your draft content. From here, you can send your content to Amplify for your advocates to share, or schedule it to be available at a later time.

You can also find your draft content in Publisher. For more information, see Save and edit drafts.

Edit scheduled content

Go to your Amplify stream and select Scheduled to find and work on your scheduled content. Point to a scheduled post, and then select Edit to make changes or Drafts to return it to Drafts in your Amplify stream.

Sample scheduled post with Edit and Drafts highlighted.


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