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  Article updated: September 13, 2021

Alert Amplify app users to important content

Audience: Admins

You can highlight important articles or big campaigns with the following features:

  • Notification – This sends a mobile push notification to all users subscribed to the post’s topics. Tapping the notification will take the user directly to the post in Amplify. Users need to enable notifications in their app to receive these (see Enable or disable notifications).
  • Email – This sends an email to all users alerting them to important Amplify content. Customize the email subject and body, and send to all users, or just those subscribed to certain topics. Users will be able to open the Amplify app and share right from the email.
  • Feature Post – This pins the post to the top of the Home feed and marks it as a featured post in the Amplify app. A post will remain pinned at the top of the Home feed until the user sees it for the first time. Then the post will move back to its place in chronological order.

Highlight a post

  1. In the Posted or Drafts queue in your Amplify stream, select Edit in the bottom left of the post.
  2. Below the post, select Push Notification or Email, or toggle Feature Post on.