Schedule your campaign with dayparting

When you create a campaign with Hootsuite Ads you can use dayparting to select the days and hours your campaign will be active. During the time periods not selected, your campaign will be paused.

This is useful if for example you are targeting a specific time zone, because you can pause your campaign while your target audience is sleeping. You can also use dayparting to run a promotion for only a few hours each day.

Note that your campaign has to be scheduled using your account’s time zone, and this time zone cannot be changed.

Schedule your campaign

  1. On the Budget & Bidding step (4) of campaign creation, click Advanced options.
  2. Click on the Dayparting calendar to highlight the hourly blocks during which you want your campaign to be live. The time zone used for your schedule is displayed just above the calendar.

Campaigns will appear as Active in your campaigns list even during the "inactive hours" of your dayparting schedule. On Facebook they will appear as paused during the inactive hours.

Important: If you pause your campaign manually from Facebook, or from another external tool, dayparting could override that and reactivate your campaign.