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  Article updated: August 15, 2022

Connect your Google Ads account to Ads

You can create, publish, and manage your Google Ads campaigns in Hootsuite Ads. After you connect a Google Ads ad account, you can import existing Search, Display, and Shopping campaigns, and track their performance.

As a Hootsuite Ads customer, you can connect one Google account (email address) to Hootsuite Ads. Hootsuite then imports any Google Ads accounts associated with that email address so you can manage them in Hootsuite Ads.

Note: Google ad accounts are not shared between Hootsuite Ads users. Each Hootsuite Ads user must connect their own Google email address to Hootsuite Ads and use the associated Google Ads account to manage Google ad campaigns.

You can use Google Ads manager accounts to group other ad accounts together and manage them all from one place. You can associate up to 20 ad accounts (including Google Ads manager accounts) with a single Google email address, and manage them in Hootsuite Ads.

Note: Hootsuite Ads does not support AdWords Express or Smart campaign accounts.

Connect your Google Ads account

  1. When you sign in to Hootsuite Ads for the first time, Hootsuite prompts you to connect your ad accounts. Select Connect Google Ads.
    Connect google ads showing please connect your google ads account message.
  2. If you are not already signed in to Google, enter your Google login credentials (email and password).
  3. Select Allow in the pop-up window to give Hootsuite the required permission to manage your Google Ads campaigns.

Hootsuite starts importing your Google Ads Search, Display, and Shopping ad campaigns. This process can take up to 30 minutes. When the import is complete, Hootsuite displays your Google Ads campaigns in the main campaign list.

Disconnect your Google Ads account

Important: When you disconnect a Google account from Hootsuite Ads, Google's access token is also revoked for data sync. Any active Google data syncs stop working. You must add Google Sheets to your data sync again.

  1. Select Settings .
  2. Select the Google Ads Ad Accounts tab.
  3. Select Disconnect your Google account.
    Google ads ad accounts with disconnect your google account highlighted.
  4. Select Disconnect to confirm that you want to disconnect your Google account.

Hootsuite removes the Google account from Hootsuite Ads, including all of the data associated with the account. This action does not remove any data in Google.


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