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  Article updated: October 20, 2021

Share your Twitter search stream

You can share Twitter search streams to ensure that your team members are all monitoring the same content. Both Twitter keyword streams and Twitter search streams can be shared.

Members of your team can share and add shared streams to their streams view. See Add a member to an organization or team.

Share a search stream with a team

  1. Go to Streams, and then go to your Twitter search stream.
  2. Select More options at the top of the search stream, and then select Share Stream with team.
    The expanded More Options menu showing Share Stream with team selected
  3. Choose a team to share the stream with, and then select Share.

Shared streams cannot be unshared. They must be deleted from each individual team member's streams view.

Add a shared stream to your streams view

  1. Go to Streams, and then select Add stream at the top.
  2. Select Shared with teams on the left, select a team, and then select the streams you want to add to your streams view.

You can share all of your team streams with new team members when they are first invited to an organization. See Add a member to an organization or team.