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  Article updated: April 16, 2024

Mute, block, or report someone on Twitter

Mute a Twitter user to hide their posts from your streams without unfollowing them. Muted users won’t know you’ve muted them. You can also block users, which prevents them from following, viewing, and interacting with your account, removes their posts from your streams, and prevents you from following them. Finally, you can report a Twitter account to Twitter if you think it’s in violation of Twitter’s rules or terms of service. Reporting doesn’t remove the account’s posts from your streams.

Mute, block, or report someone

  1. Go to Streams, and then go to a Twitter stream.
  2. Select the account name or avatar to open the user's profile page.
  3. Select More, select Mute, Block, or Report, and then select OK.

Unmute or unblock someone

See the following Twitter help articles:


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