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  Article updated: April 22, 2024

Overview of teams and organizations

A Hootsuite organization is a powerful way to share your social media workload with others. You put together people, teams, and shared social accounts. Then you choose who's in charge of what, and what you want each team or person to work on.

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Organizations give you the power to do the following:

  • Assign tasks to members or teams, like content creation, customer engagement, customer service, and reporting.
  • Route messages to specific teams. For example, you can send certain messages to your customer service or crisis management team.
  • Manage social accounts without having to share passwords.
  • Watch and manage content feeds (streams) with team members.
  • Control access to social accounts.

Each Hootsuite account can create one organization. But members can belong to many organizations and teams.

The person who creates an organization is a Super admin. They have the highest level of permissions and can grant others those permissions.

Introduction to Hootsuite organizations and permissions video.

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