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  Article updated: October 18, 2021

Approve posts from team members

Organization admins can set up tailored content approval workflows for each social account. Approval rules are applied to all posts sent or scheduled by team members with limited permissions, or custom permissions requiring approval. This includes Instagram stories. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram business replies and comments made in-stream are also included in approval rules. For more information about permissions, see Assign permissions (Business and Enterprise plans).

Plans: Business and Enterprise

Web Mobile

Approvers and authors can choose to be notified by email (see Manage email notifications) and in the notification center (see Manage notifications (Business and Enterprise)) when a post requires approval. Authors receive notifications when a post is approved or rejected.

View approval status

In Publisher , you can filter scheduled posts by status in the Planner tab or view posts in each approval status queue in the Content tab (learn more):

  • Sent and scheduled posts that require approval appear in the author’s Pending Approval queue.
  • Posts waiting for approval appear in the approver's Require My Approval queue.
  • Posts rejected by an approver appear in the author’s Rejected queue. Here the author can edit and resend the post for approval, or delete it.
  • Scheduled posts not approved before their scheduled publish time move to the Expired Approvals queue. The author, or any organization admin or super admin, can edit or delete an expired approval.
  • Posts rejected by or waiting for approval from Proofpoint appear in the Rejected queue.

Approve or reject a post

  1. Go to Publisher and select the Content tab.
  2. On the left, select Require My Approval.
  3. Select a post to view it in full.
  4. Select Edit to edit the post before approval. Instagram comments and replies cannot be edited.
  5. Select Approve or Reject.

Approved posts are published (or get scheduled) right away unless a second or third approval is required. The second approver receives an approval request only after the first approver approves a post. Likewise, the third approver only receives an approval request after the second approver has approved the post.

Tip: You can also edit and approve posts in the Hootsuite mobile app.

A rejected post appears in the author's Rejected queue. The author can select the post to view the approver’s note, edit, and resend it for approval, or delete it.

View a post's time-stamped approval history

  1. Go to Publisher and select the Content tab.
  2. Select any approval queue type in the menu.
  3. Select a post to view it in full.
  4. Select View approval history.

The approval history tracks who sends, edits, and approves each post.

Customize approval work flows

The default approval rule requires that posts created by team members with the Limited role be approved by someone with Admin (Advanced), Editor, or Custom Permissions with "Approve Messages" permissions for the social account. You can customize rules to designate a specific team or team member as the approver (regardless of their permissions). You can also add a second or third tier of approval for extra security. Authors cannot approve their own posts.

Important: When a team is selected as an approver in a custom approval rule, every member of that team will be able to approve posts (except their own), regardless of their own account permissions.

You need to tailor custom approvals for each social account. This feature is not available for YouTube.

Edit a custom approval rule

Only an organization admin can create or edit a custom approval rule.

  1. Go to My profile , and then select Manage accounts and teams.
  2. Select Social Networks under the organization name.
  3. Select the social account from the list on the left, and then select the Profile Settings tab.
  4. Select Settings next to Custom Approvals, and then select Edit Custom Approval.
  5. In the first approval box, search for a team, team member, or role to designate as the first approver for the social account. You can select a specific team member or any team members with the defined role.
  6. Optionally, select Add a 2nd approver and Add a 3rd approver and then select a team, team member, or role to act as the second and third approvers for the social account.
  7. Select Save and set.
  8. Review the new approval work flow, and then select Done.