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  Article updated: May 13, 2021

Instagram analytics updates - January 7, 2020

Instagram offers two different APIs for partner use. The legacy Instagram API, and the newer Instagram Graph API, which is actively developed and maintained.

Before January 1, 2020, Hootsuite Analytics retrieved data for both business and personal profiles from the legacy API. To start the new year, we’ve updated the data source for Instagram Business profiles that are authenticated with Facebook. Now we’re pulling data for those business profiles from the Graph API.

Because the Graph API does not support personal profiles, personal profile analytics, and analytics for business profiles without the full Facebook authentication, are no longer available.

What this means for you

Changing the data source for business profiles with full authentication will ensure the best and most accurate analytics experience. These profile connections will be more reliable. It also allows us to be more agile in the future, with the potential to develop new metrics for business profiles.

But, the new Graph API doesn't provide all the same information as the legacy API. So this change means some immediate impacts to Instagram analytics:

Metrics for business profiles will include only organic likes and comments

Likes and comments are displayed in the Post Performance section, and in the following metrics in analytics reports: Post Likes, Post Comments, Engagement, Post Tables, and Top Posts.

Reports will continue to show both organic and paid data before January 1, while data going forward will only include organic engagement.

Note that Instagram displays both organic and paid data for business profiles natively, so their likes and comments will no longer match Hootsuite.

The ability to compare by Instagram filter will be deprecated

Until now, the following metrics could be compared by Filter: Inbound Messages, Posts, Post Comments, Post Likes, and Post Video Views. As of January 17, 2020, this option will be removed for all Instagram profiles, and any existing reports comparing by Filter have been set to ‘Compare by Account’ by default.