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  Article updated: May 13, 2021

Important notice about apps in the Chrome browser - February 14, 2020

In an ongoing effort to improve security and privacy across the web, Google Chrome is changing the way applications use cookies for 3rd-party integrations. These changes are being rolled out the week of February 17, 2020.

At Hootsuite, these changes apply to our partner integrations and apps in the Hootsuite app directory. Those apps and integrations that have already been updated to follow Chrome’s new cookie policy will continue working as before this change and Hootsuite users will see no impact.

Apps that have not been updated yet will be impacted in various ways, the most common being that logging in will not work in Google Chrome. Other apps may display various errors in stream instead of the expected stream content. We have proactively reached out to our 3rd-party developers to update their apps accordingly.

The following apps and integrations are currently impacted and will not work as expected in Google Chrome until they have been updated. The interim workaround is to use a different browser with these apps:

  • Trustpilot Reviews
  • Reddit Keyword Monitor
  • Glassdoor Company Updates
  • Digimind
  • PromoRepublic
  • Radarly
  • WebDAM
  • Newslit
  • ShareRoot

Impacts to the following apps to be confirmed:

  • ZeroFox