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  Article updated: October 01, 2021

Manage assignments in the Hootsuite mobile app

Collaborate with your team on the go with the assignment and approval features available in the Hootsuite mobile app.

Plans: Business and Enterprise

Assign Twitter content in your streams to teams or team members, to ensure efficient replies from the right people for each important conversation on Twitter. Assignments created within the mobile app and on the web dashboard sync in real-time, so you can see all assignments in your mobile streams, and vice versa.

Note: The consolidated view of all assignments is only available in the Hootsuite web dashboard in Assignments .

Assignments in streams are indicated by a yellow banner. The banner will say 'Assigned to' or 'Replied to' if the assignee has already replied to the tweet and begun interacting. The Twitter profile must be added to a team via the web dashboard for reply banners to appear.

When assignments are resolved, they update with a green resolved banner.

Assign a tweet

  1. Go to Streams .
  2. Select a Twitter stream.
  3. Select More (three dots) on a tweet, and then select Assign.
  4. Select a team, and then select All Team Members or a specific team member.
  5. Optional: Select Add note, to enter any contextual notes or instructions.
  6. Select Assign.

Reassign an assignment

  1. Select More (three dots) on an assigned tweet, and then select Assign.
  2. Select the team name to re-assign to a different team, or select a new team member.
  3. Select Assign.

The banner on the tweet will update to show the re-assignment.

Resolve an assignment

  1. Select More (three dots) on the assigned tweet, and then select Resolve.
  2. Optional: Select Add note to enter a contextual note about the interaction.
  3. Select Resolve.

The banner on the tweet will update to show that it is resolved.