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  Article updated: May 13, 2021

Engage with and moderate stream content - Android

With Streams, you can monitor the activity in your networks and engage in conversations on social. Engage by liking, replying to tweets, retweeting, re-sharing, or commenting on posts in your streams .

You can also moderate comments on your posts in Facebook Page, Instagram Business, and YouTube streams. YouTube comments can be removed from your own videos by deleting them, hiding all comments from a specific user, or reporting them as spam to YouTube.

While scrolling through your streams, select an image to view it in full-screen, and to save it to your device.

Tip: Pull down on a stream to refresh its content.

For a list of supported stream types on Android, see Add and manage streams - Android.

Like posts

You can like tweets, Facebook posts and comments, and LinkedIn posts and comments.

Select Like (thumbs-up icon or heart icon) to like a post. Select Like gain to unlike a post.

Reply to tweets

Replies are public tweets to one or more users. The other @usernames in the conversation will display above your tweet on Twitter, so they are not included in your character count.

  1. In a Twitter stream, select Reply below the tweet.
  2. If the tweet mentions any other user(s), select Replying to… to choose which users will be mentioned in your reply.
  3. Enter your message, and then select Send.


You can re-share someone else’s tweet to your own followers.

  1. In a Twitter stream, select Retweet below the tweet.
  2. Select Retweet to send the message as is, Quote Tweet to embed the original Tweet as an image within your Tweet, or Edit and Retweet to modify the Tweet or select more profiles to publish the Retweet. Edit the Tweet, and then select Next to send or schedule.


Reshare content from your streams to your other social networks. Resharing populates the compose message box with the content of the post for you to modify before sending to other networks.

In a Facebook stream, select more below the post and then Share.

Comment, reply to, or remove comments

Comment on Facebook, Instagram business, LinkedIn, and YouTube posts.

Comment on a post

  1. In streams, on any post that has a Comment icon , select the icon.
  2. Select Write a comment, enter a comment, and then select Send.

Reply to a comment

  1. Select a post to see its comments.
  2. Select a comment, and then select Reply.
  3. Enter your reply, and then select Send.

Delete comments

  • In a Facebook Page or Instagram Business profile My Posts stream, choose a post to view its comments, select a comment, and then select Delete.