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  Article updated: October 05, 2021

View insights and trends in Impact

The Insights view looks at your social activity and analyzes it for you. It provides summaries and explanations for trends in your metrics for the current period as compared to the previous period.

Plans: Enterprise customers with full Hootsuite Impact. Insights is not available to customers with Hootsuite Impact Starter.

Insights uses full sentences to translate data into actionable goals that your whole team can understand. It’s like having your own data scientist informing your content strategies.

Insights displays data by type of account (split by organic and paid).

Open Insights in Impact

  1. Go to My other products, and then select Go to Impact. Impact opens in a new tab.
  2. Select Impact App.
  3. Select Insights.

View Insights by account

  1. Select a social account.
  2. Select Select Connection to select an individual connection (social account).
  3. Select Previous Period and Current Period to select the date ranges to compare against each other.
  4. Select Update.

How does Hootsuite Impact Insights form its conclusions?

Insights uses different decision tree algorithms for each of your metrics to build explanations for them. It simulates a human analyzing your data to inform your content strategies.

For example, to explain the growth in your impressions, Insights considers various factors. Even though a brand's paid posts doubled from $10 to $20, that might be only part of the explanation.

First, Insights determines if the growth is due to paid, organic, or viral content.

  • If paid, was it a function of the brand spending more money, a material drop in CPM, or both? Did boosted ads perform better, a single post do well, or were more campaigns run with A/B testing?
  • If organic, was increased reach due to content being more aligned with users, or more frequent posts than the previous period? Did a single post do well or was all the content much stronger?
  • If viral, was the absolute increase due to the volume or quality of content?

The tool continues to follow decision trees and estimates the impact of each factor on the overall success of your metrics.