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  Article updated: September 13, 2021

Metrics in Impact

With Hootsuite Impact and Impact in Analytics, you can measure your social return on investment (ROI) and optimize the performance of your organic and paid efforts on social media.

Use the Impact metrics library in Hootsuite Impact and in Impact in Analytics to create reports and analyze the metrics that matter to you. Metrics are quantitative measurements of data that tell you how your social media efforts performed during a specific timeframe.

The Impact metrics library includes a complete list of metrics and their descriptions for the following social networks and accounts:

  • Facebook and Facebook ads
  • Twitter and Twitter ads
  • LinkedIn and LinkedIn ads
  • Instagram Business and Instagram ads
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube

View the Impact metrics library (opens in a new tab).

How to read the metric library

Click the link to open the metrics spreadsheet and find the tab for the social network and account you want to analyze activity for. The spreadsheet lists each metric's name as displayed in Impact, its equivalent (if there is one) on the social network itself, and a definition of the data it captures.

Page/post level column: This indicates whether the metric is available at the page (or account) level, or at the post (or content) level. Some metrics are available at both levels. Learn more about page and post level metrics.

Journey stage column: You can assess the success of your content by using the metrics that most closely align with your goals. Many metrics in Hootsuite Impact are mapped against a basic customer journey through a typical marketing funnel. This column indicates the stage in that journey that the metric measures performance for.

The customer journey stages in order are:

  • Affinity: How does your audience feel about your content?
  • Awareness: How much of your audience is your content reaching?
  • Consumption: How much of your content is your audience consuming?
  • Conversation: How much is your audience engaging with your content?
  • Intent/Conversion: Is your content driving conversions on your website?

Tip: Are you looking to monitor a custom metric not available on the list? Ask your customer success manager about setting up a new calculated metric. Custom metrics can be viewed in My Analytics, Browse Content, and Filter Content.