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  Article updated: November 26, 2021

Manage your Analytics reports

The All reports view displays all of the reports in Analytics created by you or shared with you. You can search, filter, and sort reports so you can quickly find what you need. You can also view detailed information for each report, including when it was created and modified last, the users it is shared with, and the scheduled export types.

Open the All reports view in Hootsuite:

  1. Go to Analytics .
  2. If the Analytics navigation is not visible, select Expand navigation.
  3. Select All reports under My reports.
    analytics navigation with see all reports link highlighted

Search, filter, and sort reports

At the top of the All reports page, you can:

  • Search for reports by report name or author name.
  • Select the reports to display. Select Show: All, and then select to display reports created by you, shared with you, or both.
  • Sort your reports. Select Sort by to sort your reports by oldest, newest, ascending or descending order, last modified, and first modified.

Note: You can also sort your reports by selecting Name, Date created, and Date modified.

Optionally, you can select New report to create a new Analytics report. To learn more, see Create a new report in Analytics.

View report information

In the All reports list, you can view the following:

  • Name of the report. Select the name to view the report.
  • Date created (displayed as days/months/years). Hover over to see the date and time the report was created.
  • Date modified (displayed as days/months/years). Hover over to see the date and time the report was last modified.
  • Scheduled. The number of scheduled exports. Select the number to display information about the scheduled exports, including the type and the scheduled date for each export.
  • Shared. The number of people in your organization that the report was shared with. Select the number to see the names of up to 15 members collaborating on the report. Any members over the limit of 15 are displayed as +1 more.
  • Author. The name of the person who created the report.

Note: Hover over the Shared number to see if you have read-only or edit edit icon permission. If you have read-only permission, you cannot see the types and the dates for scheduled exports.

Pin a report

You can pin reports to your reports list or to sections in the Analytics navigation for quick access.

  1. Point to a report, and then select More actions.
  2. Select Pin, and then select where you want to pin the report.

Move or unpin a report

Point to a report, select More actions, and then select from the following options:

  • Move pin - Select this option, and then select where you want to move the report.
  • Unpin - Select this option to remove the report from a section.

Duplicate or delete a report

Point to a report, select More options, and then select from the following:

  • Select Delete to delete the report.
  • If you are an Enterprise plan member, select Duplicate to make a copy of the report.

Note: Reports shared as read-only cannot be duplicated or deleted.

Important: Deleting a report created by you or shared with you will remove it from all user accounts with access to that report.