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  Article updated: November 26, 2021

Instagram and Facebook ads data discrepancies in Impact

Are you seeing a discrepancy between Instagram or Facebook ads data in your Impact account and data in your Facebook Ads Manager account?

Impact reports on Instagram and Facebook ads data differently than Facebook Ads Manager, so the data displayed in Impact may not match the data you see in your Facebook Ads Manager.

Impact reports at a page level for targeted pages (pages with ads that target those specific pages) while Facebook Ads Manager reports at an ad account level. Data discrepancies can occur when:

In these cases, Impact will not report on your Instagram and Facebook ads data, which can result in a data mismatch from what you see in Facebook Ads Manager.

View lifetime results in Impact using Native Mode

When you select Native Mode in Browse Content, you can view the lifetime spend for all your ads (regardless of ad placement) on all social accounts in your Facebook Ads Manager account (including for areas that don’t include targeted pages).

The data displayed in Native Mode matches the data you see in Facebook Ads Manager.

  1. Go to My other products, and then select Go to Impact. Impact opens in a new tab.
  2. Select Impact App.
  3. Select Browse Content.
  4. Select Facebook Ads or Instagram Ads, and then select a connection.
  5. Select Native Mode to display lifetime data for your ads.
    browse content connection options with native mode checkbox

We are looking to make further enhancements soon to our ads reporting capabilities in Impact to move away from targeted pages and better serve your needs.

Download and submit your Facebook ads data to Hootsuite support

To investigate the issue further and improve the quality of data in your Impact account, we need a specific Facebook ads report from your Facebook Ads Manager account.

Use the following steps to download a .csv file of the data and submit it with your Hootsuite support request.

  1. Sign in to Facebook Business Manager.
  2. Select Business Manager, and then select Ads Manager.
    business manager with ads manager highlighted
  3. Select the ad account that’s connected to Hootsuite Impact.
    ads manager showing a selected ad account
  4. Select Reports, and then select Ad to open the reporting dashboard.
    ads showing reports selected and ad option highlighted
  5. In the Customize Pivot Table, under Breakdowns, search and select the following:
    • Ad Set Name (Level)
    • Ad Name (Level)
    • Ad ID (Level)
    • Platform (Delivery)
    breakdowns showing popular breakdowns
  6. Select Metrics. Include all the metrics that are selected by default, and ensure that Amount Spent is selected.
    metrics option highlighted and metric options
  7. Select the date picker, select Lifetime, and then select Update.
    date picker with calendar and lifetime selected
  8. Select Export, select Export as .csv, and then select Export.
    export option highlighted and export options displayed


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