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  Article updated: October 18, 2021

Saved search limits in Insights

You can run a quick search to see a snapshot of the mentions you’re interested in. Each Hootsuite organization has an allotted number of searches that can be saved at a time. This limit applies across all teams with access to Insights. So, to save a search and track it over time, you need to ensure your organization has room in their allotment for another saved search.

To view the list of searches saved by your organization, go to Insights, and then select Saved Searches. Hover your mouse over the question mark to see how many of your organization’s allotted searches have been used.

Insights screen with saved searches highlighted and showing total saved searches tooltip contents

For more information, see Manage your saved searches in Insights.

Search limits

Quick search mentions go back 30 days. Saved search mentions go back 12 months, so you can see right away how your search query results have trended over the past year.

When you create a new search, Insights measures the daily volume of mentions for the past 30 days. Although searches don’t have a hard mention limit, Insights automatically applies a fixed sample rate to extremely high-volume searches, where the 85th percentile for daily volume is more than 5,000 mentions.

For example, if the 85th percentile for daily query volume is 10,000, Insights applies a 50% sampling rate to the entire query. Days with a true volume of 60,000 will have a sample of 30,000 mentions, and days with a true volume of 10,000 will have a sample of 5,000 mentions.

Regardless of the fixed sample rate, Insights never stores more than 100,000 mentions for a single day. To learn more, see Insights limits and recommendations.