Create and save a search in Insights

You can build and save searches in Insights to review all social mentions that match your queries. Insights search options provide a powerful way to dive into a conversation and identify instant insights. You can use these insights for research, to validate a campaign strategy, or to assess a competitor.

Insights provides two kinds of searches: quick searches and saved searches. If you want to monitor a topic on an ongoing basis, think of quick searches as previews. Start with a quick search to see instant results, and determine whether the results are relevant to you, and then refine as necessary. When you have finished refining your search query, save it so it’s always updated with the latest results.

Saved searches unlock rich data for each result and offer additional filtering options. To learn more, see Filter and analyze your saved searches.

Create a search

  1. Go to Insights.
  2. Enter your search query in the search field, and then press ENTER.

Tip: Want to create advanced search queries and optimize your results? Insights searching supports advanced Boolean operators. See Build an advanced search query in Insights to learn more.

Insights displays a set of standard metrics on the results page. See Metrics in Insights for a complete list of metrics and their descriptions.

  • Select Filterson the top left to filter results by keyword, platform, emotion, sentiment, gender, author, language, and location.
  • Select Mentions on the top right to display more information about each mention, such as the author, date, language, and platform it was published on. You can also select the time stamp link on a mention to open it in the associated platform and engage with it.
    time stamp in mentions

Note: If you want to see results for a different time frame, you need to save your search first.

Save a search

Note: Before you begin, make sure there's at least one spot left in your organization's saved search allotment to save your search. To learn more, see Saved search limits in Insights.

  1. Go to Insights, enter your search term in the search field, and then press ENTER.
  2. Select a time frame, and then select Save search.
    save search button
  3. Enter a search name, select the teams that will have access to it, enter an optional description, and then select Save.
    save search window

Select Saved Searches at the top to view the list of searches saved by your organization.