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  Article updated: October 19, 2021

Work with videos

Each social network has its own requirements for video files. Hootsuite takes care of much of the work to ensure that your videos are compliant, but you may want to review specific requirements, such as length limits, before uploading. Depending on whether Hootsuite needs to adjust aspects of your video, such as dimension or bit rate, you may need to consider and accommodate for processing times and advance scheduling requirements. To make your content more accessible, you can add .srt caption files to videos in Twitter and Facebook posts.

Looking for more information on accessibility .srt captions? Check out Inclusive Design for Social Media: Tips for Creating Accessible Channels. Visit the Hootsuite Blog for news, tips, tools, and tactics to help you succeed on social media.

The information in this article applies to:

  • Twitter profiles
  • Facebook Pages
  • Facebook groups
  • LinkedIn Pages
  • LinkedIn profiles
  • Instagram profiles

This article provides information on the video requirements and limitations for each social network. For detailed instructions on how to attach videos to your posts, see Create and publish posts.

Frictionless video publishing in the Hootsuite composer video

Video file requirements

Each social network has unique video file requirements. These include, for example, limits on file size and aspect ratio. When you publish a video directly to a social network (outside of Hootsuite), that network automatically optimizes it to fit its own requirements.

If you are a Hootsuite Professional, Team, Business, or Enterprise plan member, Hootsuite’s transcoding feature will take care of video width, height, and bit rate. You’ll need to ensure that your videos meet all other requirements before attaching them to your post. Free and Legacy Pro users must ensure that their videos meet all file requirements.

Tip: Transcoding can sometimes have a minor effect on the sharpness of video quality. To preview your video before posting, you can schedule it and view it in Hootsuite Planner. See Schedule a post.

The Hootsuite mobile app also encodes uploaded video to fit each social network's video requirements. You don't have to worry about formatting them yourself.

Video requirements by social network
Instagram mobile notification
Instagram direct publishing
Facebook Page, group
LinkedIn Page, profile
Web formatsmp4, movmp4, movmp4, movmp4, movmp4, mov
iOS formatmovmovmovmovmov
Android formatmp4mp4mp4mp4mp4
File size512 MBn/a100 MB1 GB512 MB
Length0.5 - 140 sec15 min
60 sec (stories)
3 - 60 sec1 sec - 20 min3 sec - 10 min
Width32-1280n/a1920 maxn/a4096 max
Height32-1024n/an/an/a2304 max
Aspect ratioBetween 1:3 and 3:1n/aBetween 4:5 and 16:9Between 16:9 and 9:16Between 1:2.4 and 2.4:1
Bit rate25 Mbpsn/a5 Mbpsn/a30 Mbps
Frame rate30 fps
n/a23 - 60 fps10 - 60 fps
AudioMono or stereo
Recommended codecsAudio: AAC LC
Video: H264 High profile
Caption formatsrtNot supportedNot supportedsrtNot supported

Note: Only Facebook Pages allow you to edit your video thumbnails.

For more information on LinkedIn video requirements for ads, see the LinkedIn help article LinkedIn video guidelines.

Video processing times

To allow time for processing, large videos, and videos that need transcoding, will experience a short delay before publishing. Processing begins after you select Post or Schedule. While a video is processing, the post cannot be edited or duplicated.

Scheduled posts that have videos that require extra time to process cannot be edited or rescheduled 15 minutes before publishing (30 minutes if transcoding is required).

A status window alerts you when processing is complete.

Status window showing video processing status