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  Article updated: May 22, 2023

Use assets from a content library

Content library assets are an organization's pre-approved post templates and images. Assets make it easy to publish content that's relevant and on-brand. You need to be a team member with access to the team's content library to use the assets. Organizations can have many libraries and can share specific content with selected teams.

You can publish an asset while browsing a content library, or you can access images from the Composer's media library. The Hootsuite mobile app also lets you publish content library images.

To learn more, see Use a content library template and Manage your content library.

Plans: Business and Enterprise

Video: Using the Hootsuite content library.

Publish content library images

  1. Go to Composer .
  2. If you belong to more than one organization, make sure the correct one is selected in the top left.
  3. Select Media library . Any content libraries you have access to in the selected organization appear in the media library by default.
  4. Select to open a content library and browse its stored images assets. Post templates (text and images) are not displayed here.
    Images from a content library in Composer's media library.
  5. Select an image to attach it to your post.

Publish an asset from within the content library

Access and browse through your content libraries in Planner. Within a content library, you can view the following for each asset:

  • When it was added or last used.
  • The number of times it has been used.
  • Its tags.
  • Its availability timeframe, if applicable.

  1. Go to Planner .
  2. Select the Content tab along the top of the calendar.
  3. Under Content Sources, select Content Library.
  4. Select a content library from the drop-down menu. You can select Images or Messages in the top right to filter it by asset type. You can also sort assets by age or popularity, availability, or tag.
    Example content library with the Images filter selected.
  5. Select an asset so it turns blue.
  6. Select Compose at the top of the content library to populate the image or template message into Composer. Templates with links will always contain the full link, so consider adding a shortener before publishing or scheduling the post.


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