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  Article updated: March 29, 2023

Mention a user or Page

Mentioning is a way to invite others on social to join a conversation, and can help your post reach their audience as well as your own. You can mention a user or Page in a post to let them know that your content might be of interest to them. Published mentions display as a hyperlink to the username or Page. The user or Page mentioned gets a notification that you’ve mentioned them in your post.

You can mention the following in posts:

  • Facebook Pages (can only be mentioned by other Facebook Pages)
  • LinkedIn Pages
  • Twitter users
  • Instagram users (these mentions appear as plain text in Hootsuite but as live links when published)
  • TikTok users (these mentions appear as plain text in Hootsuite but as live links when published)

Facebook doesn't support mentions of Facebook profiles in third parties like Hootsuite.

Mention a user or Page in a post

If you’ll be publishing your post to more than one social network and it includes a mention, the mention must be customized in each social network tab.

  1. In Composer , enter @username in the Initial content area.
  2. Select a social network tab, select the mention, and then select the user or Page name from the list.
    A mention becomes highlighted in blue when linked successfully. You’ll see a warning if any tabs contain an unlinked mention.
    Sample post text in a social network content tab showing a successfully linked mention highlighted in blue. 
  3. In the Instagram and TikTok tabs, enter a user’s exact @username. These mentions remain in plain text until the post is published.
  4. Finish creating your post, and then send, save, or schedule it.

For troubleshooting Facebook Page selection issues, see the Facebook help article My Page isn't appearing in Facebook search results.

Note: Overwriting your customizations from the Initial content tab resets any mentions selections. You will need to customize mentions again per social network.


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