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  Article updated: September 28, 2022

Hootsuite apps FAQ

Find answers to frequently asked questions about working with Hootsuite apps.

Can I sign in to an app with more than one account?

This depends on the app type. Most apps with app streams allow you to connect multiple accounts to separate Hootsuite streams.

Most plugin and content source apps only allow you to connect to one account at a time.

What is the difference between plugin, stream, content source, and media library apps?

There are a few ways that different app types integrate with Hootsuite.

App plugins allow you to send content from your streams to partner apps, such as Zendesk and Evernote. You can find these plugins in the More list in streams posts. They are available for specific social networks. Select the app to send content to it.
More actions selected on a tweet in a stream, revealing a list of installed app plugins.

App streams allow you to bring content from partner apps into Hootsuite as streams. Additional tools for these apps are available in-stream. You can use some of these apps to publish content to social accounts using Hootsuite Planner. Most Hootsuite apps include app streams.
The Cloudview for Hootsuite app, which is integrated as a stream to access your google drive in Hootsuite.

Content source apps let you add your existing image repositories to Hootsuite. You can use these apps to add images (JPG, JPEG, GIF or PNG) to social posts and share the same assets across teams. You can find these apps in Planner in the Content tab.

Media library apps are available in the media library. You can open the media library when you are composing a post. Select Open media library, and then select the image library list to access installed media library apps. You can use these apps to easily access and attach approved media assets to your social posts.
The media library list showing a list of installed media library apps.

Go to My profile, and then select Install Hootsuite apps to open the directory. Select Filter by app type to explore the apps available for each integration type.

Does Hootsuite Apps support secure mode?

Hootsuite Apps does support secure mode. Some apps may require an update.

How can I create my own app?

Visit our Developer page to learn more about Hootsuite’s APIs and explore our developer resources.


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