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  Article updated: June 24, 2021

Social selling with Amplify

As an Amplify user, you may see additional Hootsuite features when using Amplify for desktop. These features can help you with social selling, which simply means using social media to find and establish relationships with audiences and prospects, and targeting your content meaningfully and effectively. To learn more about social selling, see Social Selling: What it is, Why You Should Care, and How to Do It Right.

Depending on what your organization has enabled for you, these additional Hootsuite features can help you engage with clients and prospects on social, learn what resonates with them, and begin to monitor content performance- giving you the insight you need to fine-tune your posts and create more original content.

The Hootsuite dashboard includes navigation on the left that links to these features. Depending on your organization, you may see the following features in Hootsuite.


Create streams in your dashboard to monitor different conversations on social. Search streams are great for finding relevant conversations based on region, or by keywords in your industry.

You can also explore the Hootsuite Apps collection of partner apps to extend stream functionality and connect to your existing toolset, like a CRM.

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After sharing and engaging with your community for a while, see what’s resonating with your audience in Analytics. Measure your performance across channels and compare your returns on each of your social accounts. The overview reports are a great place to start, and when you’re ready for more sophisticated reporting, create your own custom reports.

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Content that’s relevant for everyone in your company is great for suggesting to your Amplify admins. With the Composer, you can create your own, more personalized content that you know will resonate best within your own community.

For those in regulated industries, predictive compliance in the desktop Composer will guide you, so you can be confident that what you're crafting complies with your organization’s policies.

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View and manage all your scheduled posts in one calendar view. The Planner displays all posts and drafts that you have scheduled, including original content as well as Amplify posts. Edit or delete scheduled posts, or rearrange as you like by dragging and dropping to different time slots.

You'll find all your drafts under the Content tab, and under the Promote tab you can put ad spend behind your best performing Facebook Page posts, so they reach an even wider audience.

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Too many conversations to manage on social? Inbox is a great tool for staying on top of that engagement and ensuring you don’t miss any responses. Manage Facebook private messages, Twitter direct messages, mentions, and replies, LinkedIn Page comments and replies, and Facebook Page visitor posts, comments, and replies.

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