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  Article updated: October 21, 2021

Social selling with Amplify

As an Amplify user, you may see extra Hootsuite features when using Amplify in the web version of Hootsuite. These features can help you with social selling, which is a term for using social media to find and establish relationships with audiences and prospects through targeted content. To learn more about social selling, see Social Selling: What it is, Why You Should Care, and How to Do It Right.

These  Hootsuite features can help you engage with clients and prospects on social, learn what they like, and track content performance. You can improve your posts and create more original content based on the insights you gather.

The web version of Hootsuite links to these features.

Using Hootsuite social selling video


Create streams to track different conversations on social. Search streams help you find them based on region or keywords.

The Hootsuite Apps collection can also extend stream function and connect to any tools you already have.

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See what your community engages with in Analytics. Track your social media performance across different channels and compare your results. Start with the overview reports, and when you're ready to get more complex, create your own custom reports.

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The content you suggest to your Amplify admins should be relevant to everyone in your organization. With the composer, you can create your own personalized content that targets what your community reacts to.

In regulated industries, predictive compliance in composer will guide you so you can be confident that what you're creating complies with your organization's policies.

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You can view and manage all your scheduled posts in one place. The Planner displays all posts and drafts you have scheduled, including original and Amplify content. Rearrange or edit posts by moving them to different time slots.

On the Content page, you will find all your drafts, and on the Promote page you can spend ad dollars to promote your best-performing Facebook Page posts.

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Too many conversations to manage? Inbox is a great tool for keeping track of engagement. Manage Facebook private messages, Twitter direct messages, mentions, and replies, LinkedIn Page comments and replies, and Facebook Page visitor posts, comments, and replies.

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