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  Article updated: August 15, 2022

View Google Shopping campaign metrics

Import and view Google Shopping campaigns from the Hootsuite Ads dashboard. Find and monitor performance data and spend metrics for Shopping, Search, and Display campaigns together in the home and account dashboards.

If your Google Ads account is not linked to your Hootsuite Ads account, please Connect your Google Ads Account.

Note, if you connected your Google Ads account before November 22nd, 2019, it will need to be re-authorized. This will allow for a complete experience with Shopping campaign metrics.

Re-authorize your Google Ads account

Click on Re-authorize in the highlighted area of either the Inspector Breakdown or the Product section of a campaign.
Inspector with re-authorize highlighted.

View the Shopping campaign dashboard

Shopping campaigns can be found under Latest Campaigns, Recent 5 Google Ads Campaigns, or All Google Ads Campaign.
Example graph of campaign performance.

Shopping campaigns have Products and Product Groups performance reporting sections in addition to the dashboard, ad groups and all ads.
Example of a google shopping campaign.

Note the PDF Report Generator supports Google Shopping campaigns, allowing complete account report creation.


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