Signals FAQ (Legacy)

This article applies to the previous version of Insights. For the most recent Insights information, see Overview of Insights.

How can I improve my experience with Signals?

Learn how to customize your Signals. If you are still seeing too many irrelevant signals after customizing, you may need to edit your stream keywords to optimize the stream and focus the conversations being surfaced.

How does Hootsuite Insights determine who is an Influencer?

Hootsuite Insights uses contextual-relevance to determine influence, meaning it is relative to the stream. Our influence score is based on an influencer’s weight in terms of engagement for that particular stream, rather than their number of followers.

We calculate influence by creating a graph of all the mentions in a stream. As an individual’s mentions get re-tweeted, liked or shared, their influence in the graph increases. This is because they are influencing the conversation. The number of shares needed to become an influencer depends on the volume of the stream. In bigger streams with more mentions, it's more difficult to be influential because the threshold that has to be reached is much higher.

The time frame also plays a role. The bigger the stream (meaning it collects more mentions) the faster influencers could change, so the faster we recalculate them. We do this by analyzing fewer days for the larger streams because the volume is so big. For example, we may measure 7 days for large streams, and 30 days for small streams.

What does the orange number on top of Signals mean?

Occasionally, you'll see an orange number displayed above the Signals tab. This number represents how many new signals there are since you last checked. This number only shows up when there are new signals to view.

Why isn't Signals picking up data from my streams?

Signals are only gathered from streams in the Company, Competitors, or Market Terms folders. Streams in Saved Searches or Social Accounts folders are not picked up by Signals.

Why is Signals showing me content from social networks I have filtered out?

Signals will respect location filters on streams, but not platform or language filters you have set on streams.