An introduction to Signals (Legacy)

This article applies to the previous version of Insights. For the most recent Insights information, see Overview of Insights.

After you have a Company, Competitor, or Market Term stream set up, you can start working with signals. Signals keep you in the loop when important things happen on social media. Insights analyzes your streams, and detects significant mentions or events in real-time, like influencer mentions, spikes in volume, or trending stories. There are no set thresholds for what makes something a signal, they are relative to the size of the stream.

There are four Signal types: influencers, mentions, spikes and bursts, and top stories.


People who are influencing the stream through the content they are sharing. Their tweets received a lot of attention, in the context of a particular search stream. This is not just based on a person’s popularity; their content could be viewed by a few and explode to many based on the people in their network. Insights shows you where the influence starts! Learn more.
Click Expand on an influencer signal to view more details about them.


Mentions identified as receiving an unusual amount of attention. For now we only identify mentions from people who are asking for help in some way.

Spikes & Bursts

As we collect data for your stream we create a historic baseline and then any significant increases in volume are detected. Significance is relevant to the volume of data collected in the stream. Click Review on a spike/burst to review the mentions during that time and identify the cause.

Top Stories

The stories (blog posts, news articles, links, etc.) that are taking off in the social-sphere. They are being shared, they are relevant to your stream and you can find them here and take action.

Engage with Signals just like you do with mentions in streams. Different actions are available depending on the signal type. You could publish a top story to your own social networks, add tags, reply to mentions, assign tasks, mark signals as irrelevant, and more.

Signals are sorted for you based on suggested actions. You can choose to view All Signals, or select from the following buckets:

  • Review - This category contains Spikes and Bursts signals you should know about but might not require immediate action.
  • Publish - This category contains relevant Top Stories content that Insights recommends you publish to your social audience.
  • Engage – This category contains Mentions and Influencer content worth engaging with.

Insights will flag questions, conversations you might want to be involved in, or good or bad press about your brand.

Under Filter the data, apply filters to view only the Signals most important to you. You can filter by stream, signal type, or importance of the signal.

Tip: Start with more signals (Low) and then be more selective after you have reviewed the signal data.

To customize what you see in your Signals even further, see Customize Signals.