Add tags and view Insights content by tag (Legacy)

This article applies to the previous version of Insights. For the most recent Insights information on this topic, see Use tags to manage and organize your mentions.

Add tags to any mentions in your Streams, Signals or Activity to organize and classify them. Then view all your tagged content in the Activity section, or use tags to filter your streams and board/report data. You can also filter by Untagged in your streams to find all content without a tag yet.

Tagged mentions remain stored in Activity as long as they remain tagged, so use tags to flag and keep specific mentions from your streams. Even when a stream is edited or deleted, tagged mentions from the stream will remain.

You can add more than one tag to a mention, so new tags can be added to already tagged content right from the Activity section.

Create, delete, or rename existing tags in Settings.

Tag a mention

  1. Select Signals , Activity, or a stream from the side navigation menu.
  2. Hover your mouse over a mention, click Tag, and then select a tag. The tag will appear on the bottom-right corner of the mention.

View all tagged content

  1. Select Activityfrom the side navigation menu.
  2. Under Main Sections, click Tags.

To filter the content by specific tag, click All Tags under Filter the Data and select a filter.