Add an Insights stream (Legacy)

This article applies to the previous version of Insights. For the most recent Insights information, see Overview of Insights.

When creating a stream, focus the content of the stream for a specific need. Don’t try to track all the conversations important to you in one stream. Research the keywords used when talking about your topic, and then include those in your search parameters. Search terms with broad meaning could water down your results with irrelevant mentions.

Add a keyword stream (Company, Competitor, Market Term, Keyword Search)

Keep an eye on the stream preview as you enter your search parameters, so you can optimize the results. Then after creating your stream, decide if the mentions collected are all relevant. If not, optimize your stream by editing your search parameters.

Important: Note that if you choose to reindex your stream when you edit it, already collected data will be updated. So it's a good idea to reindex soon after stream creation to avoid losing data. Learn more.

  1. Hover your mouse over the side navigation menu, and then select Add stream.
  2. Select a stream type from the top row (Keyword search does not collect Signals).
  3. Enter your keyword search parameters (refer to the following search tips), and then click Continue.
  4. Optional: Add additional sources to monitor. Select the source type, enter the source URL (click see examples for help), and check the box to collect only mentions that match your search expression. Then click Add.
  5. Select Continue.

Important: Not all platforms provide location data; selecting filters can greatly reduce your stream volume. Keep these set to All. You can always apply filters later.
Filter your stream by language, location, or platform.

  1. Select Continue.
  2. Enter a stream name, select a folder for the stream, and then click Save.

Keyword search tips

Twitter mentions recognizes hashtags, stock symbols or other identifying marks. Instagram mentions are not available through Instagram’s API.

HAVE ALL OF THESE WORDS - In this first field, enter a few mandatory terms, separated by commas. Your results must contain ALL of these words, so this field can narrow your results easily. You are not required to enter any words in this field.

HAVE ANY OF THESE WORDS - Specify terms you want to see in your results by adding up to 10 words in this field, separated by commas. Your results will contain ALL of the words listed above, AND one of the words in this field. Don’t repeat any of the words from the first field. Add plurals and word variations (misspellings) in this field. The special characters @ and ? are treated like any other letter, while other special characters are ignored (e.g. &).
For example, to collect results that include @hootsuite and hootsuite, enter both terms in this field. Entering a hashtag before a term will only return results for mentions with a hashtag, like #hootsuite, while entering hootsuite in this field will return results for both #hootsuite and hootsuite.

DOESN'T HAVE THESE WORDS - Exclude keywords you don’t want to see in your mentions, separated by commas. Your results will exclude at least one of the words in this field, but not necessarily all of them. Hashtags can't be added to this field.

Additional sources

Besides the sources Insights collects mentions from, you can add your own sources to your streams. These could be specific Tumblr blogs or tags, Google alerts feeds, or other RSS feeds. Once mentions from these sources start appearing in your search streams, you can view them with the platform filter.

Check the Collect only mentions that match the search expression box so that the mentions from your additional source match your search parameters. If left unchecked, all the mentions from the additional source will be added to the stream.

Besides a valid RSS feed, the URLs you can insert should have the following formats:

  • Tumblr blogs: Custom Tumblr URLs will work too.
  • Tumblr blogs filtered by tag:
  • Tumblr tags:

Add a social network stream (do not collect Signals)

  1. Hover your mouse over the side navigation menu, and then select Add stream.
  2. Select a social network stream from the bottom row.
  3. If no accounts have been connected yet, click Connect a new Account, enter your credentials and authorize the app (or skip to step 4).
  4. Select an account, and then click Save.
  5. Enter a stream name. We recommend keeping it short.
  6. Select a folder for the stream, and then click Save Changes & Apply.