Share content with Hootlet

Hootlet is being retired on March 15, 2021, but it will return! Stay tuned for the new and improved Hootlet in 2022. See our recommended alternatives.

Hootlet is a free extension for Google Chrome that lets you compose and share content directly from your web browser, saving you time by preloading shareable content such as images, videos, webpage links, or text quotes, right from the webpage you're viewing.

Sharing content with Hootlet is just like posting from the Hootsuite dashboard; you can add personalized messaging, share on the fly, or schedule your posts for more optimal engagement times. Users must be signed in to Hootsuite to use Hootlet. Hootlet is also available as a bookmarklet in other browsers.

Install and customize Hootlet

This section describes how to install and customize the Hootlet browser extension.

Install Hootlet

  1. In a Google Chrome browser window, go to
  2. Select Get Hootlet.
  3. Select Add to Chrome, and then select Add Extension.

Hootlet appears in the top right of your Chrome browser.

Tip: If you don't see the Hootlet extension at the top of your browser window, select Extensions, and then select the three dots next to Hootlet. To ensure that you always see Hootlet, select Pin extension .

Customize Hootlet settings

You can enable or disable certain Hootlet settings that determine things like the kind of content that can be shared or the type of search results that appear.

  1. Right-click Hootlet in the top right of the browser, and then select Options.
  2. Toggle features On or Off, and then select Save Changes.

Temporarily disable Hootlet

You can temporarily disable Hootlet in your Chrome browser without having to uninstall and reinstall.

  1. Select Customize and control Google Chrome in the top right of your Chrome browser, and then select Settings.
  2. Select Extensions from the menu on the left.
  3. Use the toggle under Hootsuite Hootlet to disable or re-enable it.

Uninstall Hootlet

  1. Right-click Hootlet in the top right of the browser, and then select Remove from Chrome.
  2. Select Remove.

Use Hootlet

You can use Hootlet to share content and perform Twitter searches.

Share web content with Hootlet

  1. Select the Hootlet extension at the top of your browser.
  2. Select social profiles from the drop-down list. Only one Twitter profile can be selected per post.
    Depending on the social network, Hootlet will populate with different information.
    • Twitter: Link previews are not supported, but Hootlet auto-populate the title and URL of the webpage you're viewing.
    • Facebook/LinkedIn: Hootlet auto-populate a link preview below the text box. Note that posts containing link previews must also contain text in the post body to publish successfully.
  3. Include personalized content in the body of the post.
  4. Select Post Now, AutoSchedule, or Post Later to schedule for a specific time.

Share by right-clicking

You can share selected text, images, YouTube videos, links, and webpages easily with a right-click. Hootlet populates with the content, and you prepare your post just like you would in the Hootsuite dashboard: select social networks to share the content with, edit your post (this might include attaching images or adding your location), and then post or schedule the content.

To share:

  • Selected text: Select text to highlight it, right-click, and then select Share selected text via Hootlet. Hootlet populates with the selected text and a shortened link to the webpage.
  • A link: Right-click a link, hover your mouse over Hootsuite Hootlet, and then select Share link via Hootsuite Hootlet. Hootlet populates with the text of the link and the shortened link.
  • An image: Right-click an image and select Share image via Hootsuite Hootlet. Hootlet populates with the image and a link to the image.
  • A webpage: Right-click somewhere on the webpage, and then select Share page via Hootlet. Hootlet populates with the title and a shortened link to the webpage.

Use Hootlet for Twitter searches

You can enable the social search results setting in Hootlet to give social context to your Google searches based on keyword. Hootlet automatically displays Twitter results for your search on the right side of the page as you search in

You can view Twitter profiles, reply to tweets, and retweet, and even add the Twitter search results as a stream in your Hootsuite dashboard by selecting Add to Hootsuite below the Twitter results.

To enable or disable this feature, right-click Hootlet at the top of the browser, select Options, and then toggle Show social search results beside web results to On or Off. Or, select Turn This Feature Off in the message that appears with Twitter results.