Manage Amplify users and roles

Audience: Admins

Adding or removing users from an Amplify organization can be done by a super admin or admin of the Hootsuite organization. Teams created in Hootsuite are synced to Amplify. See Add a member to an organization or team.

Add members to your Amplify team

After you've created topics, assigned users, and curated and published content, you'll want to add members to your Amplify content team. Using teams with Amplify allows you to easily determine which content is shared which which people. You can create multiple teams to further customize who your content is shared with.

  1. Go to My Profile , and then select Social networks and teams.
  2. Choose Teams under the desired admin role.
  3. Select Add a member, and then type the name in the search bar to find the person.
  4. Select +Add new Member to add the person to your team.

After you've added someone to your team, change the permissions under their name if necessary to edit what they can do in Amplify.

New Amplify users on your team receive an email invitation to download the Amplify app, create an account, and begin sharing content. They are not required to create a Hootsuite account.

About Amplify content management roles

There are three roles available for members who will be managing content for their organization through the Hootsuite dashboard:

Content admin: Can manage topics, publish and schedule content to any topic, and subscribe users to topics. To learn more, see Use topics to categorize Amplify content and Publish Amplify content from Drafts or the content library.

Publisher: Can publish content to the topics they are assigned. They will only see the draft, scheduled, and posted content for the topics they have access to.

Contributor: Can publish content to the topics they are assigned, but their posts must first be approved. Content admins can approve posts for all topics, and Publishers can approve posts for their assigned topics.

Contributors select Get Approved instead of Post when submitting content. The post remains in the Drafts queue pending approval. Approvers see a notification in-stream when a post requires approval. Approvers can:

  • Review the post, make edits as necessary, and then select Post, or
  • Select Reject, enter a note for the Contributor, and then select Reject again. The post is returned with the note to the Contributor’s draft queue

Assign content management roles

  1. Select More in the top right of your Amplify stream, and then select Members & Teams. This opens a list of all members in your organization.
  2. Select a user’s name in the member list.
  3. Check Content Admin under their name, and then select Continue, or scroll down and select Topic Subscriptions.
  4. Subscribe the user to a topic or topics.
  5. Select the drop-down arrow to the right of the topic, and then select the Publisher or Contributor role. Subscribers are users who only have access to the Amplify app.