Add an Instagram account

Add an Instagram business profile to Hootsuite to publish posts and engage with your Instagram audience in Hootsuite.

Team, Business, and Enterprise plan members - To add social accounts to Hootsuite organizations, you must be a super admin, admin, or have custom Add Social Networks permissions for your Hootsuite organization. For more information, see Manage social accounts in a team or organization.

Before you begin

To successfully connect your Instagram account and enable full Instagram functionality, make sure you have the following:

Note: Creator profiles, and business profiles that haven't connected to a Facebook Page, are recognized as personal profiles. See Overview of Instagram profiles to learn more about what's available to each profile type.

Add an Instagram account

  1. In a separate browser tab or window, log out of Instagram and Facebook.
  2. In Hootsuite, go to My profile, and then select Social networks and teams.
    Social networks and teams option selected in the My profile menu
  3. Select + Private account.
    Team, Business, and Enterprise plan members in a Hootsuite organization - Select Manage beside the org name, and then select Add a social network.
  4. Select Instagram.
  5. Enter your Instagram account credentials (username and password), select Log In, and then select Authorize/Continue.
  6. Select Sign in to Facebook to complete the connection. If you don't complete this step, your Instagram business profile will have limited functionality.
    If you want to continue with a personal profile and limit your access to Hootsuite functionality, select Exit with limited access.
  7. Enter your Facebook Page admin username and password, and then select Log In.
    Getting an error? See Troubleshoot an Instagram business connection.
    Getting sent to your Facebook Page inside Facebook? See Troubleshoot problems adding a Facebook account.
  8. If prompted to authorize access to your Instagram Business profile, select OK.
  9. Select Done.

Note: If you have access to Hootsuite Impact, you'll need to add your social accounts to Impact too. See Connect an organic or paid social account to Impact.

Verify your Instagram account setup

When a business profile is successfully enabled, it will display your Instagram profile picture. Personal profiles and business profiles that aren't connected to Facebook display the default black Instagram logo as their profile picture and will have limited functionality.
A business profile that hasn't authenticated with Facebook, showing a black Instagram logo as its profile picture

See a list of Instagram profiles connected to your Hootsuite account and check their setup status.