Updates to Instagram sharing on Amplify - February 24, 2020

On March 31, 2020, Instagram will complete the deprecation of its Legacy API (application programming interface). The Legacy API currently supports Instagram personal profiles in Hootsuite. This deprecation will impact Amplify in the following ways:

  • Authentication between Amplify and users’ Instagram profiles is no longer required. As a result, all Instagram connections will be removed when users update to the latest version of the Amplify app.

    All Amplify content shared to Instagram will continue to use a manual workflow via the Instagram mobile app. This applies regardless of whether you have a personal or business Instagram profile.

  • Shares to Instagram will no longer be recorded in share counts for users or content in the Amplify app, or in any Amplify analytics.

  • Amplify content shared to Instagram will no longer update with a checkmark to indicate that it has already been shared.