Set app preferences - iOS

You can modify the following preferences within the Hootsuite mobile app.

  • Timestamp – Displays the time of each post relative to the present (e.g. 2h ago) or the Absolute date and time of each post in your streams.

    Note: The Hootsuite app uses the time zone set on your device, and post timestamps depend on the time and date settings of your device.

  • Auto Enable Geotag – Automatically appends your current location to Twitter posts, when location access is enabled for the Hootsuite app in your device settings.
  • Upload Quality – Select Low, Medium, or High upload quality for the photos you share. Select Low if you’re having trouble uploading an image, say because of a low-bandwidth data connection.

Modify your app preferences

  1. Select your profile picture to manage your account.
  2. Select the Settings tab, select Preferences, and then select each preference to modify.
  3. Select Back in the top left to save your preferences and close.

The organization selected in the app affects which content campaigns you have access to while composing posts, as well as which social accounts you’ll see in the Planner scheduled view. If you belong to more than one Hootsuite organization, do the following:

  • Select your account profile picture , select the Account tab, and then select Organizations to choose the correct organization.