Manage assignments and approvals - Android

Collaborate with your team on the go with the assignment and approval features available for Twitter in the Hootsuite mobile app.

Plans: Enterprise


Twitter content can be assigned to team members. You can get assignments or delegate content on the go with assignment functionality on your Android device. Assignments created within the mobile app sync with the dashboard in real time, and vice versa.

Tip: At this time, the consolidated Inbox view of all assignments made and received is visible only in Hootsuite’s web dashboard.

Assign a tweet

A yellow banner above the post indicates assigned tweets. Assign a tweet to see the assigned status and recipient right away.

Banner showing that a tweet has been assigned

  1. Select Streams, and find a tweet you want to assign.
  2. Select More, and then select Assign.
    more selection options showing assign, share, and share via other apps
  3. Select a team.
  4. Select to assign to All Team Members or a specific team member.
    The Assign To list, showing available teams and members
  5. Optional: Add notes or instructions in the Add Note field.
  6. Select Assign.
    Assign to screen showing assign button

Reassign an assignment

  1. Select More on the assigned tweet, and then select Assign to.
  2. Select the team name to reassign to a different team, or select a new team member.
  3. Select Assign.
  4. The banner on the tweet updates to show the re-assignment.

Resolve an assignment

A green banner indicates resolved assignments. Resolve an assignment and see the update right away.

banner showing tweet as resolved

  1. Select More on the assigned tweet, and then select Resolve.
  2. Optional: Add notes or instructions in the Add Note field.
  3. Select Resolve.

Reply to an assignment

Tweets with replies have blue banners. The Twitter profile must be added to a team via the web dashboard for reply banners to appear.

  1. Locate and select the assigned message (yellow banner).
  2. Select Write a comment (Twitter post) or reply (tweet).
  3. Enter a message, and then select Send.


Business and Enterprise customers can view all pending posts in Publisher for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram profiles. From here you can approve, edit, or delete them. All approval tiers are supported on mobile after the permissions are set up. All mobile approval rules and publishing permissions are set up in Hootsuite on the web (see Approve posts from team members).

All the same social networks are supported on mobile for approvals, including Twitter and Facebook replies and comments. Multiple approval tiers are also supported on mobile.

Find Outbound posts pending approval in Publisher on the Approvals tab.

Approvals tab showing require my approval, pending approval, and rejected options

  • Require My Approval – View posts requiring approval and approve, reject, or edit posts before approving
  • Pending Approval – View your posts awaiting approval, delete posts, or make edits.
  • Rejected – View your posts that have been rejected by approvers. Select a post to view notes from the approver. Delete posts, or make edits to re-send for approval.

If scheduled content is not approved before the scheduled time and date, the post is moved into the Expired Approvals queue. This queue can be accessed from the Hootsuite web dashboard.

Approvers can enable app notifications for each social network they approve posts for (see Manage mobile notifications - Android). Selecting a push notification opens the post for you to review and approve. Approvals for Twitter replies, private Twitter or Facebook messages, and comments are not supported at this time.

Approve, edit, or delete a pending post

  1. Select Publisher .
  2. Select the Pending Approval tab.
  3. Choose the post.
  4. Select Approve, Delete, or Edit to make edits and then send or schedule the post.