Update Status: Post to your social networks from Insights (Legacy)

This article applies to the previous version of Insights. For the most recent Insights information, see Overview of Insights.

Hootsuite Insights makes it easy to post to your Twitter and Facebook profiles. As long as your social networks are already connected to Insights, you can publish posts to them.

Post to your social networks

  1. Select Update Status from the side navigation menu.
  2. Enter a message, and select the social network account to post it to on the right.
  3. Optional:
    • Insert a recommended story. Click Recommend and then click Insert beside the story you want to share. These are generated from your signals.
    • Click Attach picture to upload an image.
    • Click Attach link , enter a link URL, campaign tracking (see following section), and then click Attach.
      Posts can contain either one image or one link, but not both. Note that links and images will reserve characters in your tweets.
  4. Click Smart Schedule or Exact Date/Time to schedule your message, or click Publish to post it now.

Smart Schedule determines a posting time based on the activity and time zone of followers within your social network, to help drive engagement. It's also based on how often you post messages, to ensure you aren't over-posting to your network.

View and edit scheduled posts and view past posts in the Activity section.

Customize Facebook posts

Customize Facebook posts by specifying target countries or languages. Links can also be customized by selecting from different thumbnail options, or by changing the link title or description.

  1. Select Update Status from the side navigation menu.
  2. Select a Facebook account on the right.
  3. Click Customize Facebook post.
  4. Optional:
    • If you have attached a link, click the left and right arrows to select a thumbnail preview, or edit the link title or description.
    • Enter target countries or languages in the demographics fields.
  5. Click Apply.

Add campaign UTM parameters to your links

Track the performance of links you share from Insights in your Google Analytics account. Insights makes this easy by letting you add UTM tracking parameters to your links. Just enter a name for your GA Campaign, and Insights will automatically set Medium to social media, and Source to the posting platform (Twitter, Facebook, etc).
Learn more about Google Analytics Campaigns.

  1. Click Attach link and paste in the URL.
  2. Click GA Campaign Tracking and enter a campaign name.
  3. Click Attach.

Now in your Google Analytics account, you can identify the top performing updates that are driving traffic to the links you share in each post.