Search within your Insights streams (Legacy)

This article applies to the previous version of Insights. For the most recent Insights information, see Overview of Insights.

Each keyword search stream has another search field within it, kind of like a filter for search expressions. Use the search within a stream to easily look up mentions of a certain topic, or to refine the current stream’s search results in real-time without editing it right away.

Imagine for example you have a keyword search stream for the word ‘Hootsuite’. In the stream’s search field you enter “social media”. The search results will display mentions and metrics from the Hootsuite stream that contain the phrase “social media”.

  1. Click the search icon to the right of the stream name.
  2. Enter your search term(s) and then press ENTER.
  3. Separate keywords by commas or spaces. To search a phrase, use “” around it.

For example:

  • cats, dogs; will return all mentions with both the words ‘cats’ and ‘dogs’ anywhere in the mention.
  • cats dogs; will also return all mentions that have both the words ‘cats’ and ‘dogs’.
  • “cats versus dogs”; will return all mentions containing the phrase ‘cats versus dogs’.

Important: Note that search results are based on all mentions from the last 7 days of data within your stream.

You can engage with and take action on the mentions in search results just like in the stream. Update sentiment or language, create tasks, assign mentions, add tags, or export your results. You can also apply data filters to your search results.

There is some limited functionality while viewing search results. Stream metrics can’t be pinned to boards or reports from search results. To see a full set of mentions for your new search, and to be able to pin from your stream, create a new stream or edit the existing stream’s search expression.