An introduction to Insights streams (Legacy)

This article applies to the previous version of Insights. For the most recent Insights information, see Overview of Insights.

A stream is a real-time collection of chronological mentions from 25+ social platforms. Hootsuite Insights streams help you gain insight into the conversations important to your brand.

Streams fall into two categories: keyword search, and social network.
Keyword search streams collect all the mentions Insights retrieves that match your search terms. Insights already has these organized for you by Company/Product, Competitor or Market Term. These streams also collect Signals. To track a search term that doesn't fall into one of these categories, use the Keyword Search stream. Keep in mind that this stream type does not collect Signals.

Social network streams contain mentions from your connected social accounts. These only contain mentions from one social platform.

Streams provide a wealth of information to give context to the conversations you track. Depending on the stream type, view things like reach, source, language, sentiment or location. Search stream mentions indicate their sentiment, author’s gender, location and language. If you disagree with any of these values, change it by clicking the drop-down arrow.

You can also engage with the mentions in your streams. Retweet, reply, add tags, assign tasks, and more. Select Metrics under each stream name to measure and analyze breakdowns of your mentions in detail.

Different data filters are also available in streams for mentions and metrics. Filter by date, language, location, social platform, tag, sentiment, gender or reach.

Important: Not all platforms provide location data, so you could be missing out on mentions when using a location filter. Learn more about location.

Note that streams store mentions for 90 days, and refresh to always display the last 90 days of mentions. Metrics for each stream are kept from the time the stream was created (or last reindexed). To save a particular mention longer than 90 days, tag it in stream, and it will be stored in your tag activity.