Monitor your ad campaigns with the Hootsuite Ads app

The app directory contains a free Hootsuite Ads app integration for the Hootsuite dashboard. The app plugin lets you promote posts right from your Facebook Page streams. The app stream lets you monitor your ad campaigns and their stats right from Hootsuite, and create auto-promotion campaigns that will boost your Page posts for you.

Install the Hootsuite Ads app

  1. In your Hootsuite dashboard, go to My profile, and then select App Directory.
  2. In the top-right corner, search for Hootsuite Ads.
  3. Click Install, in the bottom-right corner of the app.
  4. Select Add streams to a new tab, or select Add streams to an existing tab and then select the tab from the drop-down list.
  5. Select the App Plugins tab, and click Add.
  6. Click Finish. You will be redirected to the app stream.
  7. Click Connect to Hootsuite Ads.
  8. Enter your Ads account credentials, and then click Login.
  9. Click Accept.

Promote a post from a Facebook Page stream

  1. Click more in the bottom-right corner of the post.
  2. Click Send to Hootsuite Ads.
  3. Click Connect to Hootsuite Ads.
  4. Click Proceed, and then complete creation of a Facebook Page post promotion campaign.

Important: If the Hootsuite Ads plugin does not appear in your streams when you click more on your posts, go back to the Settings of the app in your app directory and make sure the app plugin is added to your dashboard.

Create an automatic post promotion campaign

Create an automatic post promotion campaign right from your Ads stream. This campaign type saves you time by boosting your organic Facebook Page content for you. Set triggers to define which of your best-performing content is promoted. Triggers can be based on number of likes, comments, or shares, or the media contained in your content, such as a video or link.

  1. Click Automatic Post Promotion at the top of the Hootsuite Ads app stream.
  2. Enter a Campaign Name, select an ad account, and then click Proceed.
  3. Select a Facebook Page, the type of post to promote, how long to promote it, and any other criteria for promoting it.
  4. Select the placement(s) for your ad, and then click Proceed.
  5. Select the demographic for your target audience, and then click Proceed.
  6. Enter a budget, time frame for your campaign, and spend cap, and then click Proceed.
  7. Review your campaign, and then click Publish on Facebook.

The campaign will boost Page posts going forward that meet the criteria defined by your triggers. Campaigns won’t retroactively promote older posts.

To edit the trigger settings of your campaign, sign in to your Hootsuite Ads account natively.