Closed beta - Twitter mentions and replies in Inbox


This feature is currently in closed beta for a pre-selected group of customers. Watch for a full release in the next few months.

For customers enrolled in the closed beta program, Hootsuite Inbox now supports Twitter mentions and replies. This means that, in addition to Twitter direct messages, Inbox users can view and engage with @mentions of their brand (in public tweets or replies) in Inbox.

Twitter mentions and replies work the same way as other posts and messages in Inbox; for details, see Engage with and assign conversations in Inbox.


The following unique capabilities are available with Twitter mentions and replies:

  • Follow nested threads with vertical conversation lines.
  • Type "@" to add people to a conversation in Inbox. (In addition to Twitter, this also works with Facebook, LinkedIn, and all other social network types available in Inbox.)
  • Preview and respond to quoted tweets, and select quoted tweets to see the original on Twitter.

The following functionality is still being developed during the closed beta timeframe:

  • Analytics are not yet available for Twitter mentions and replies.
  • Twitter mentions and replies in Inbox are not yet available with Hootsuite for mobile.