View your interaction history


Enterprise plan members can use interaction history to review social conversations they've had with their audience. Reviewing previous conversations allows you to engage with your social communities with more personalized and authentic communication because you can continue building on your relationships with customers instead of starting from scratch with each conversation.

Plans: Enterprise only

Interaction history is available for Twitter direct messages, @mentions, replies, and likes; and Facebook Page visitor posts, public comments, and replies.

Important: Interaction history is limited to the last 6 months.

View your interaction history

  1. Go to Streams , and then go to a Twitter or Facebook stream.
  2. Select the account name or avatar from a stream, assignment, or notification, and then select the Interactions tab. All interactions between the selected profile and that account display in chronological order.
  3. Select a different profile to view interactions between your other accounts and that account.

Tip: Select the timestamp to open a tweet in Twitter or Page in Facebook.

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