Create and publish posts


Create and publish your social media content to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram all from one location with the Composer. This intuitive full-screen publishing tool allows you to draft, create, and publish custom messages for each social network and preview them before they’re published. 

Important: Publishing to Pinterest and YouTube are unique workflows. See these articles instead:

For step-by-step instructions by social network, see:

Note: Before you begin, make sure you’ve already added your social accounts to Hootsuite. See Add a social account to Hootsuite to learn more.

Video: See Creating a content calendar and using it effectively for planning guidance.
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Access the Composer

You can create and publish posts with Hootsuite by selecting Create compose-icon.png to open the Composer. While you compose your message, the preview on the right shows you how your message will look when it's published.

You can select Minimize  at any time to go to other areas of the dashboard and resume your post later.

Select social accounts

Before you craft your post, select Post to and choose the social accounts you want to publish the message to. You can customize your post for each social account.

Within the social network picker, social accounts are organized by network type, team, and personal social accounts. If you have a long list of social accounts, you can search by social network, profile name, or team to surface the right profiles.

Note: Organization team members can select a team from the list. This selects all the social accounts managed by that team with one click.

Tip: If you often publish to the same social accounts, select the star next to a social profile, page, group, or channel, or team name to add it to your favorites. Favorites surface at the top of the Post to list for quick access.

The list of available social accounts is dependent on the organization you selected when creating your message. If you belong to more than one organization, ensure that you select the correct one.

Note: Enterprise team members can also select Select campaign to associate a post with a current or future campaign. This automatically applies the campaign’s link settings and tags to the post, to correctly categorize it for future analysis. For more information, see Create and manage content campaigns.

Select the arrow  to close the window when you’re finished selecting your social accounts.

Craft your message

After you've selected the social accounts you'd like to publish to, you can craft your message in the Text area. Note that Hootsuite does not support creating Facebook events or polls, or Twitter polls.

Here you can:

  • Add your text. The character count for each selected social network is displayed at the top.
  • Mention or tag a user or a Page, and add emojis to your post. To learn more, see Mention a user or Page.
  • Include a link to send users to a relevant page. You can also shorten your links automatically with If you’re a Team, Business, or Enterprise customer, you can set up a vanity URL to use as a link shortener instead of To learn more, see Add, share, or delete a vanity URL.
  • Add link tracking to analyze the performance of your posts. If you’re a Professional, Team, Business, or Enterprise customer, you can also add parameters that allow you to track and analyze the performance of your social content in Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics. To learn more, see Apply link settings.
  • Drag your media (images, GIFs, and videos) into your post. The built-in photo editor makes it easy to edit your images. You can select an auto-crop aspect ratio for each social network, add filters, and make other adjustments to your images. To learn more, see Work with images.

Tip: Take advantage of the additional options to promote popular posts, add a physical location, and select the specific audience who can see your posts. Business and Enterprise organizations can also add tags to posts to analyze their performance in Hootsuite Analytics.

Note: Business and Enterprise organizations can also create posts from a content library with pre-approved post templates. To learn more, see Use a content library template.

Preview a post

As you’re creating your message, take a look at the preview area on the right to see how your post will look after it's published.

preview post to see how it looks published

While previews are as accurate as possible, social networks may process some elements in your post differently. This can result in minor differences between the preview and the published post.

For example, while link previews are generated automatically, each social network pulls link preview information differently. This means that the resulting link preview for a given link may not be the same on each social network. For more information, see Work with links.

Images can also appear slightly different when published. When adding images to your posts, Hootsuite optimizes each image to ensure it displays properly on the social networks you’re publishing to, as well as on all devices and screens.

However, because every social network uses its own methods to optimize images (including resizing, reformatting, scaling, and cropping), this can affect how an image looks after it’s published. Because of this automatic image optimization, we recommend keeping any overlaid text away from the edges of your images. 

Publish a post

When your post is ready, select Post now to publish the post right away. If you want to create additional posts, select the arrow next to Post now, and select Post and reuse accounts. Your initial post is published, your social account choices are retained, and you can quickly begin composing your next post.

Important: Posts to Instagram personal and business profiles that don’t have direct publishing enabled need to be published using the mobile notification workflow.

If you want to schedule a post and select the exact date and time for it to go live, see Schedule a post.