Troubleshoot a scheduled post failure


If you receive a notification that one of your scheduled posts failed to send, sign in to your Hootsuite account to review the failed post.

  1. Go to Publisher .
  2. Locate the failed post in its scheduled time slot in Planner. Failed posts are red.
    A failed scheduled post in Planner, shown with a red bar
  3. Select the failed post to view the reason for the failure. If the reason for failure is not specific, review our suggested solutions below before proceeding to step 4.
  4. Take steps to remedy the error. Select Edit in the top right if changes to the post are necessary. In the Composer, you can then reschedule the post, or post right away by selecting Post Now.

Why did my scheduled post fail to send?

If the reason for failure was not clear in step 3 above, the solutions to the most common publishing issues are listed here:

The social network is disconnected from Hootsuite

Social networks can disconnect from Hootsuite because of updates made on the native social network platform. A disconnected social network won’t publish scheduled content. For more information, see Why are my social networks not working?


The post is a duplicate

Posts that are published to a social account more than once, or to many social accounts at once, could be flagged by the social network. Duplicate content gets flagged for violating Twitter's and Facebook's platform manipulation and spam policies.

Franchises are often at risk of this, by sending out the same content to each of their location accounts.


  • Ensure that your content is unique by customizing each scheduled post. Generally, Twitter recommends more than just changing a phone number or punctuation.
  • Customize your tweets to your local audience. This not only avoids potentially spam-like behavior, but is proven to generate significantly better engagement in each location.
  • Try publishing to groups of no more than three to five social accounts at a time.
  • Wait 24 hours before publishing the same post to groups of different social networks.
  • If you are trying to advertise your business on Facebook, consider starting a dedicated Facebook Page for this content.

The post contains abusive content

Social networks can reject posts if they flag content as abusive. If you are not sure why your content is being rejected, read the social network terms of service. You can also test publishing the post in the native social network platform to review the social network's response.


If your post has been incorrectly identified as abuse, contact the social network's help desk to request that your content be approved.

If you still have questions about why your post failed to send, please reach out to our support team.